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Convalescent Care: Recover at Home

Convalescent Care: Recover at Home

By Francesca | 3rd November 2021

A prolonged hospital stay is never desirable. Most of us would rather remain safe in our own homes. If you need some extra support at home whilst you recover, you may be wondering what options you have. Fortunately, we at Abing Homecare can provide convalescent care to you or your loved ones.

What is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care provides short-term support to individuals recovering from illness, injury, or an operation. The goal is to help you return to independent living as quickly as possible. You may choose to receive convalescent care if you:

  • Were in hospital because of a fall.
  • You have had an operation on your hip or legs.
  • You are recovering from a stroke.
  • The illness has left you worried about your continued wellbeing.

With convalescent care you will be helped to transition back to independent living. Over time, you will require less support. When you feel like you can cope without support, the provision of care can be stopped. This will all be done according to your preferences and needs.

Care from Abing

Here at Abing Homecare we offer professional and considerate care tailored to you. Our carers can help with medication, meals, and are happy to simply offer some companionship during the day. With the support they provide you will be saved the trouble of moving around the house if you do not feel well. If you need someone to lean on as you go to bed, a carer can help with this, too.

The amount of help you receive is entirely up to you. You may choose to have a carer visit once a week, twice a day, or even opt for a live-in carer.

Domiciliary Carers

Our domiciliary carers attend your home at pre-arranged times. This service may be useful if you struggle at certain times of the day. Mealtimes, for example, may be difficult if you struggle to stand for prolonged periods.

Domiciliary care may be a good option if you are already receiving informal care from a loved one. You will not be limited to only one visit per day, either. Our carers can visit as many times as you need them.

Live-In Carers

If you feel like you need all-day support, then our live-in carers may the better option for you. They can make sure you are taking your medication, help with chores throughout the day, and provide support if you go out.

You may choose a live-in carer if you do not have family who regularly take care of you. It may also be a better option if you do not feel confident to be alone at home whilst you are recovering. If you are worried about having another stroke, for example, it can be comforting to know someone is always around.

Benefits of Convalescent Care

By receiving convalescent care, you can stay at home whilst recovering. This means you will not have to spend a prolonged period in hospital. It also means you are in a familiar, comforting environment. You know where everything is, and you can abide by your own routines.

You can also receive much more personalised care. In hospital, staff have many other patients to care for. Convalescent care provides a tailor-made care plan based entirely around you.

It also gives you more opportunities for independence. You can push yourself to do as much as possible, safe in the knowledge that our carers are there to help you if you start to struggle.

Convalescent care will also give your loved ones peace of mind, knowing you are in safe hands when they are away. It will also make you feel more confident at home. Sometimes this can even help you to recover quicker.

How to Arrange Convalescent Care

If you think you will need convalescent care after leaving hospital, it is best to arrange in advance. This will ensure that help is available as soon as possible. If you are not able to arrange it yourself, your loved ones may be able to on your behalf.

By completing our helpful needs assessment we can find out exactly what care you need. Domiciliary care starts at £19 per visit, and our live-in care starts at £700 a week. To learn more about arranging for care, you can contact us using our helpful online form.

If you would prefer to hear a friendly voice, call our lovely team on 0800 008 7000. They will do all they can to help you make the right choice. Finally, check out our FAQs and Help Hub for even more information.


Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 3rd November 2021 to reflect current information.