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Domiciliary Care in Norwich & Norfolk

Domiciliary care allows you or your loved one to receive ongoing support from the comfort of their own home. Domiciliary care is also widely known as care at home. With domiciliary care, a carer will visit your home from 1 hour a week, up to day-long visits.

Domiciliary care is for anyone who could do with the support at home but not full time. Our carers will come in and help you out with any tasks you need. This can include helping you get dressed in the morning or assisting you with preparing and cooking
meals and tidying up afterwards.

What can you expect from domiciliary care?

  • Regular visits to suit your loved one’s needs, from 30 minutes a week to an overnight stay. Our domiciliary care plans can be arranged to suit your needs.
  • Personal assistance with getting up, washing, and getting ready for the day.
  • If your loved one struggles at mealtimes or needs extra help with the chores, we can provide assistance with cooking meals or cleaning the house.
  • Company and companionship – schedule regular visits from a carer to help with visiting friends or relatives.

Respite Care

Respite care is temporary care provided by someone other than a person’s primary caregiver. There are a few reasons why a person may require this care.

Reasons why you might need Respite Care


Full-time carer taking a break - if you care for a family member, Abing Respite Care can relieve the pressure whilst you take a well-earned break.


Recently discharged from hospital - If your loved one is discharged from hospital and needs additional care for a short time, we can help.


Emergency situation - Respite care is the perfect solution when you need care for your loved one in an emergency. This gives you the time to sort out other arrangements if required.

Home Help

As well as Domiciliary Care and Respite Care, we also offer a Home Help service. This service is for people who may need help around the home including:


Help with shopping including assisting with food deliveries.


Help with the housework including laundry, cleaning, gardening.

Meal Times

Help with meal times, ensuring that your loved one does not go hungry.


Running errands including prescription pickups.

Our Prices

Live-in Care

Full-time 24-hour care in the comfort of your own home. Maximum reassurance for you and your loved ones.

From £1225 a week

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