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Frequently Asked Questions

Domiciliary Care

What is the cost of domiciliary home care?

Domiciliary care starts from just £25 an hour. There are no minimum commitments. You can just receive the help when you need it, and for how long you require it.

Who is domiciliary home care for?

Domiciliary care is for anyone who could do with a helping hand. This could be because of a medical condition, a disability, or simply because your loved one is getting a bit older.

What is domiciliary home care?

Domiciliary care allows you or your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home but receive ongoing support. Domiciliary care is also widely known as care at home, when a carer will visit from 1 hour a week, up to all day visits.

General Information

How do I know which type of care is required?

The main difference between live-in care and domiciliary home care is the duration and amount of care and assistance that is required. If you are only looking for a couple of hours a week then domiciliary home care would be the more appropriate choice. Whereas, if you are looking for multiple hours a day and overnight stays then live-in care would be suitable.

What are the benefits of Abing Home Care over choosing a care home?

Abing Home Care allows you and your loved ones to stay at home. Many people worry about moving into a care home. Abing Home Care allows you to stay exactly where you want to be for as long as possible

Live-In Care

Who is Live-In care for?

Live-in care is for anyone who needs additional support for prolonged hours every day. If you are no longer able to get yourself ready in the morning, or carry out essential daily tasks, then our friendly carers are on hand at all hours of the day to assist you.

What is Live-In care?

Live-In care is when a carer moves in with you or your loved one to provide 24/7 care. Our professional carers will move into your loved ones home to help with several different tasks through the day, to ensure that you can remain safe and comfortable.

What is the cost of Live-In care?

Live-In care starts from £1225 a week. This includes 24/7 care and assistance.