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5 Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners

5 Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners

By Francesca | 15th February 2022

5 Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners

Have you picked up a new hobby recently? Are you looking for one? For those of us who spend a lot of time at home, gardening is a very popular choice. Learning a new skill is definitely a rewarding way to pass the time and the satisfaction of growing your own plants is hard to beat. In today’s article, we’re sharing 5 easy gardening tips for beginners. All of these tips are simple, affordable ideas for novice gardeners to try. What’s more, we’ve chosen these tips specifically with older people in mind. Have your green thumbs at the ready – let’s begin!

1. Try Felt Pots

Heavy plant pots can present a challenge for older gardeners, especially those with arthritis or mobility issues. The first of our gardening tips for beginners is to invest in some felt pots. These lightweight containers allow you to pick up and move your plants with ease. This is great because it allows you to adjust how much sunlight your plants are getting – move them closer to a window or further away without straining muscles or joints. Felt pots can also help to prevent waterlogging, keeping your plants’ roots in tip-top condition. In addition, felt pots can be much more affordable than terracotta or ceramic planters. They’re certainly more eco-friendly and sturdy than plastic pots too. Felt plant pots are widely available to buy online.

2. Plastic Bottles Make Mini-Greenhouses

If you have some empty plastic bottles lying around, why not use them as mini-greenhouses to speed up the growth of your plants? Use a craft knife or similar tool to cut off the top section of a large plastic bottle. Poke some holes in the bottom for ventilation and place it over your seedlings. You can also use the top of the bottle to house smaller plants such as cress. This is a great way to give your plants a helping hand while also looking after the environment. Of course, you can also recycle your plastic bottles to make sure they don’t go to waste.

3. Bulbs Love Layers

Flowers are a great starting point for beginner gardeners. You can make a flowerpot even more impressive by planting different bulbs in layers. This is one of the best gardening tips for beginners, as it comes straight from the experts at Gardener’s World. Click here to watch their video on the subject. By layering your bulbs in one pot, you’ll have maximum flower-power in one efficient, space-saving pot.

4. Kill Weeds with Plastic Sheeting

After all your hard work sowing seeds and watering your plants, the last thing you want is a weed infestation. Kill off weeds and keep them from coming back with black plastic sheeting. Before you plant your seeds, mow the grass and remove any visible weeds. You may also wish to add a layer of compost at this point. Then lay a sheet of heavy-duty black plastic over the ground and secure it in place with weights or pegs.

Depending on the time of year, you’ll need to leave it in place for several months. If you start in spring, leave it for 2-3 months. In winter, try 6 months. The black plastic blocks out sunlight, killing the weeds and grass underneath. Therefore, once you lift the plastic up, the soil underneath will be ready for planting. If you didn’t add some compost before, make sure to add a generous layer now before planting your seeds. This is one of our favourite gardening tips for beginners because it helps you kill weeds without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

5. Grow From Your Kitchen

The last of our gardening tips for beginners is perhaps the easiest of all. You might be surprised to learn how many kitchen essentials you can grow yourself. No more buying garlic from the supermarket; take a clove and plant it 4-5 inches down into the soil with the root facing down and the pointed part facing up. Plant in autumn or spring for the best results. Water it regularly and remove any weeds to give your garlic the best chance of growing. When the leaves turn yellow, it’s ready to harvest. Gently remove the bulbs and leave them to dry for a couple of days.

This brings us to the end of our guide. You can pick up more gardening tips for beginners on the Gardener’s World website. We hope you’ve found this article useful and that you have learned a thing or two. Now it’s time to wrap up warm and get your hands dirty.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 15th February 2022 to reflect current information.