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The Top 5 Hobbies To Boost Your Mental Health

The Top 5 Hobbies To Boost Your Mental Health

By Abbie Smyth | 11th April 2024

Boosting your mental health is crucial no matter your age – and what better way to do so than through your own hobbies? So, grab a cuppa, get comfy, and let’s explore the top five hobbies that not only keep you active, but keep your mental health in tip-top shape!

#1 Gardening

Top of our list is probably an expected one – but don’t write it off just yet! Few hobbies come close to the benefits of gardening – not only is it a stress-reducing activity, but the more time spent outdoors the better.

Gardening encourages physical activity, which grows more and more important over the years, and, it’s also a great opportunity to foster a community with like-minded gardeners. So, whether its planting flowers, cultivating herbs and vegetables or simply sitting amidst the greenery, gardening is our #1 recommended hobby for your mental health!

#2 Puzzles:

Ah, puzzles – the timeless hobby that really puts your mind into action! Gardening might be therapeutic, but puzzling keeps you sharp and is an alternative for those rainy days where planting isn’t an option.

Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle spread out on a cozy table or a challenging crossword puzzle in the morning paper, the fun of piecing together clues and patterns never fades with age. And let’s not forget the social aspect of puzzles – because yes, solving puzzles can be a wonderfully social activity! Whether it’s tackling a crossword puzzle with a friend or working on a jigsaw puzzle as a family, puzzles bring people together.

So whether you’re piecing together a puzzle alone or with loved ones, you’re doing more than just exercising your brain, but you’re looking out for your mental health!

#3 Bird watching:

Bird watching (or birding if you’re really getting into it!), is a hobby that offers an opportunity to connect with nature – but this time, we’re taking to the skies.

As we age, spending time outdoors becomes increasingly important for both physical and mental well-being, and bird watching provides the perfect excuse to soak up the natural world. Armed with a pair of binoculars and a checklist, you can see our feathered friends with ease.

Moreover, bird watching offers a gentle form of exercise, encouraging seniors to stay active and mobile. Whether it’s walking to a favourite birding spot or simply standing and observing, birding provides a low-impact way to get moving.

#4 Creative Arts:

Who says creativity has an age limit? Certainly not us! Whether it’s painting a canvas, moulding clay, or knitting a cosy scarf, creative arts are a playground for our inner child. There’s no right or wrong.

A chance to concentrate on the task at hand not only promotes mindfulness and emotional well-being, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with producing a final art piece doesn’t go away with age!

#5 Music:

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at playing an instrument, or you’re simply tapping your toes to your favourite song, music doesn’t lose its charm as you grow up! Putting on a throwback classic is not only guaranteed to life your mood, but rekindles that nostalgia that will bring you back to the good ol’ days.

So, turn up the volume, sing your heart out, and let the melodies work their magic.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no doubt that hobbies play a crucial role in promoting mental health and well-being for seniors, offering a source of joy, purpose, and fulfilment in the golden years. Whether it’s gardening amidst nature, expressing creativity through the arts or nurturing social connections, your mental health is guaranteed to improve!