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Domiciliary Care for the Elderly

Domiciliary Care for the Elderly

By Helena | 18th March 2021

Domiciliary Care for the Elderly

In-home care may be your next step if you can still safely live at home, but you are starting to need some help with everyday tasks. Perhaps you need support with administering medication or preparing meals; maybe you are just looking for companionship. No matter your circumstances, domiciliary care can help. Domiciliary care for the elderly is when a professional carer visits you at home to provide regular support.

Living in familiar surroundings can be beneficial towards reassuring an elderly person living with conditions such as dementia or even just frailty.

When Should you Consider Domiciliary Care?

Sometimes, an accident or change in health can make it obvious that domiciliary care is needed. However, for many people, it may be a gradual process that happens naturally with age. After all, getting older can affect every aspect of day-to-day life, including mobility, vision, and decision-making.

If any of the following applies to you, it may be time to consider domiciliary care:

  • You do not want to move into a care home but you need support to continue living independently.
  • You can still safely move around your home but you are beginning to have some trouble.
  • Everyday tasks – such as getting dressed, preparing meals and getting out of the house – are becoming a challenge.

Here at Abing Homecare, we offer fully trained carers who provide domiciliary care for the elderly. They can provide support in a range of areas, from personal care to household admin.

To find out more, read What Do Domiciliary Care Workers Do?

What We Can Offer

Abing Homecare can provide domiciliary homecare and live-in care as well as temporary respite care. We will work closely with you and your loved ones to match you with one of our trained carers based on your needs, beliefs and circumstances. We aim to find you a carer who will help you with all your needs, but also someone that can be a familiar, friendly face.

Need More Support?

Visiting home care is not necessarily for everyone. If you or your loved one is at risks of falls or you find yourself needing some help throughout the day and night, our live-in care service may be more appropriate. The benefits of live-in care include 24/7 reassurance and always having that help on hand when you or your loved one needs it.

Arranging homecare for the elderly is easy. Just call us on 0800 008 7000 and we can arrange a free needs assessment.